Your Guide To Planning A Wedding From A To Z

Wedding planning is one of those activities in which there’s very little room for mistakes, if any. Everything has to be perfect for the big day. You only have one chance to make it or break it, therefore you can’t play it by the ear and hope things are going to be all right from the beginning to the end.

Seek Expert Advice

If you want to organise your wedding by yourself, you could use some advice from professionals. You have landed in the right spot here. Angeliques Weddings is your resource for everything related to planning a wedding. You are welcome to browse the site and learn effective planning tips that can make it easier for you to keep an eye on all things. You are also going to find detailed activity plans and planning guides which you are welcome to take and adapt to your event.

Plan Months in Advance

The most important thing when planning a wedding is to be organised. This is not a process that takes two weeks or a couple of days. You need to start your preparations many months in advance in order to make sure you are going to have everything you wanted for your wedding. For instance, good wedding venues are usually booked one year in advance. If we talk about a special date with some universal meaning, you may need to book your venue even earlier.

Actually, your preparations will start right after you say “yes” to your husband to be. After you find the venue, you need to take care of all elements such as catering, drinks, music, entertainment, transport and possibly accommodation for guests coming from long distance. You need to send out the invites at least six months before the big day, so that the guests can plan their schedule accordingly. You also need to do the RSVP early, so that you know how much food you are going to need, the number of wedding favours you need to produce and the number of chairs in the ceremony hall.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is also an element that shouldn’t be left for the last month. You should take into consideration that you may need it to be adjusted by a seamstress, so you need to allow enough time for that. If you need to lose some weight, it’s better you first get to the desired weight and order the dress only after that. In case you can’t lose enough weight, you should probably reconsider your wish to be slim for the wedding and try to find a dress that shows your beauty just as you are now and not as you wish to become.

Wedding Photographer

You are also going to need a photographer for your wedding day. Maybe you also want someone to shoot some videos. You must find these people and hire them long before the day comes. Moreover, it’s good to have a backup, so that you can be sure you are going to have your photos and videos even if something happens with those people that were your first option.

All these details, as well as many others are the topics of our articles on Angeliques Weddings. You are welcome to take your inspiration from us and organise the most stunning wedding possible. Don’t forget to send us pictures!